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@peternoreika twitter

Apr 8, 2016 9:39 AM

This guy has made his passion comes true, he never stopped chasing his dream going solo and want to make it as singer-songwriter. Read my review on chatsong and click on the links, give comments and votes beneath this review.

I have always liked music. What really hooked me on it, and in particular metal, was the first time I heard Breaking the Law by Judas priest. After that, I couldn't get enough of any kind of metal. I had owned a guitar and taken lessons since I was 7, but fell away from it because I didn't like playing the standards. Now I had something "guitar focused" to emulate, it became fun and something I did a lot. Eventually, I met other guys that played and started putting together metal bands. After a while, I was making some money doing what I loved. Working a regular job was the furthest thing from my mind. The idea of supporting myself and my family through something I enjoyed doing was and is intoxicating.


above is what he wrote to me, now to my review of this indie singer.  This indie musician comes from America. What I like about his music songs is a message in his music lyrics, If you listen you can hear it in his beautiful vocal voice. He makes music with passion has ever played in a heavy metal band. But are stopped by conditions. Specifically, the question that made his son I want you to be a singer Because then you can spend more time with me. Then you don't have to go to your regular work. Wonderful to hear this as a father this will give you inner strength to continue as a musician. His vocal voice fits perfectly with his music songs. My review is that this man must continue to make music. Because I love his melodies and the lyrics he sings. I wish for this guy he will become further as an indie musician worldwide. He deserves to have a spotlight at this chat song music platform and I want your  to share this platform, so your will share this amazing singer. I feel someday he will be broadcast and have an own festival. I wrote this with passion for music, As he sings with passion for music.







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