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@theh0nestman #MusicHourUK #IndieMusicBlast #musicnews

@theh0nestman #MusicHourUK #IndieMusicBlast #musicnews

Apr 8, 2016 11:19 AM

This man is a talented indie singer! when you listen his voice and acoustic guitar you all going to like his songs. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give comments beneath his review, give votes as well.

Well I've been an asshole all my life. But over the course of what has felt like several lifetimes I've learned to treat my " gifts" with respect instead of impatience and talk to " God" daily. I talk tooooooo much in real life so I use Music to convey my feelings nowadays. It is the path I intend to walk till I'm dead. It's better for me that way. Brother, you can say anything you want about me. Just know this. You are beautiful! And what you're doing has ACTUALLY saved a life. Mine, and I am FOREVER in your debt. Thank you Roy. -Doug

Above is what he wrote to me, now to my review  of this singer. This guy is always Honest that's why he has his twitter name. This singer was one of the first I gave a spotlight and he believed in chat song and has left multiple links in the chat room but the chat room i have replaced with the discus to gain more attention to the music he sings. I was sold when I hear his music and voice I have already listened almost too al his songs because I don't want to miss it. This singer is musically amazing good, every day he makes a new song.
When you hear this indie singer sing a note with his voice, your are sold I can tell you that.
Its amazing how music and feelings about music has change this indie singer, into a lovely person to have in your daily live. This indie singer sings amazing, your have to admit if you listen to his talent. The singer is very musically and also very funny, this man deserves to be heard around the world, broadcast on every radio station. Last update I know from him is that he has been broadcast on the radio, so that is good news. But he deserves so much more, known in every countries. Therefore, share this review around the world. This singer is soon going to be a huge hit in the world, my feelings are never wrong.





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