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@halleyhiatt #popstar #musicreview #IndieMusicBlast

@halleyhiatt #popstar #musicreview #IndieMusicBlast

Jul 5, 2016 4:00 PM

This singer is Halley hiat and she has already get a spotlight with music links, but i never had reviewed her songs, because I did not had a biography, I do not need always a biography, read my review on chatsong, listen to their songs and give comments and votes beneath this review


You can all read her biography on the website of this singer songwriter, then now my new review about this singer hally hiat. The first song her voice hits me inside so beautiful and so unique, the lyrics are well written. The first song is very good sung, and has amazing beats in the song. It sounds very professional and I do not hear a difference with a famous pop singer. This singer is vocal very good, the cover song of Amy winehouse done by hally hait is so beautiful to listen. I really get goosebumps inside, it is  amazing when she hits a note with her golden angel voice. All the songs I have listened are divers and unique, this is a good singer and  I have described it many times. And if you see the videos it looks like you are watching an MTV clip on the television, very professional and the song called To die Alone she sings it with Denzil Porter and that sound very good together. This singer need to be heard around the world, and if it were up to me she could be on the next billboard chart. Therefore, share this review around how more you share how more people get to know this singer who does mainly covers but has also made own songs, and soon going to make more songs so subscribe on her YouTube channel.




https://t.co/34AmxsOZhL homepage

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