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@AlextheGreif twitter

Jul 10, 2016 2:34 PM

This is a actor and singer and he sings amazing. click on the links below and give comments or votes beneath his review.


This is Alex he is actor and sings as well, I gave him a spotlight because he is talented never did review him so that I am going to do now. The first song called perfect is a cover song but he has a lovely voice, and he looks stunning as well. So I guess when he sings on live gigs or on the television he will have lots of groupies, who would have a signature from him. And finally I find his website and saw he has made a brand new song, that song is very beautiful. In that song you can hear how talented this versatile man is, because he acts and sings. Although he has a low male voice he can sing high as well, I like both ways if he sings. You can hear he can sing I hear a vibration in the voice but not disturbed. The songs I am listening now are from one year back, In a year can happen a lot. The new single he released is the Results. And the  reason behind the song is also heart full to listen and you hear the emotions in the song. This singer and actor has to be heard he has talent, therefore share this review as much as you can. This singer is good material for radios and music channels on television, he would be the next pop star if more people know the music.







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