@DSPLITA twitter

@DSPLITA twitter

Jul 10, 2016 3:05 PM

This is a rapper/singer from USA listen to the sings, read my review on chatsong. Also give votes and comments beneath this review share this as mush as you can to support this musician.

Welcome to my world my vision my thoughts music is food for the soul it shows us a lot about our past present and future check out what i have to say and let me know how you feel about the songs on my site like me on fb if you support the movement always down to work with local artist just message me on fb im always working on another vision from the chapter that is my life i sure do hope you enjoy my thoughts stay tuned for more be blessed

This rapper his first song I found awhile ago already all very good, good speaking with the rap and good beats in it. In the song you hear a message to the world and I like rappers who want to bring over messages in songs about any subject in this world. Also, the second song is very lovely with a message and nice beats in it, This is a talented hip hop artist and rapper, also the vocals are good of this artist. All the songs are full of good beats and raps very rhythmic, he is born with music in his soul. I believe if more people going to listen to the songs he has made, you will be amazed how great this artist is. This need to be heard and need to be known more, therefore share this review with this amazing rapper/hip hop artist on it.



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