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Apr 11, 2016 12:56 PM

This man is a Dutch singer studied on royal conservatory the Hague, click on the links and give comments or votes below in the disqus.

This dutch singer I like his songs, you can hear he has studying singing. Some songs he made with a second female singer. Also, good to listen, The new songs on his YouTube Channel are beautiful, now see only the updates. Lovely to listen to, also the female singer in the songs. Beautiful instruments in the songs, I myself am a Dutchman. Many Dutch artists I do not have a review about time to change that. Find his voice very trained, can do a lot with it. This singer sings multiple languages, also Italian whatever is beautiful. Always found Italian nice to hear, powerful and temperamental like this singer. My first Italian song in some 20 years. Again a collaboration with the very gifted Arianna Broussard. This should be the start of another team effort which will result in an album somewhere in 2016. The images are simply there to put something enjoyable on your screen :-)
It's the song, however, that I would like you to hear this is what he wrote by the song. I agree with it when you see it. does a lot of duo songs with others, nice to hear. The song with Arienne Groenwoud is wonderful, what a beautiful voice has this woman. Also, has performed a while ago on Lowlands a festival in the Netherlands, this proof how good this singer is.





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