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@silverchildren #popband #talented #rockband #MusichourUK #share

@silverchildren #popband #talented #rockband #MusichourUK #share

Jul 5, 2016 4:45 PM

This band is very good, i spotted them on instagram. Click on the links and give comments or votes beneath this review and share it around on the internet

a group of four individuals with years of experience in separate nationally recognised music projects, formed a band under the name of Silver Children in late 2014.
This time the level of ambition was set way higher and with greater personal dedication.

Over the course of the last year Silver Children thoroughly explored the intricacy of songwriting with the ambition to write and produce their most substantial and deliberate material yet.
With influences ranging from British indie-rock all the way to 1950’s existential novels, they ended up with a well balanced, highly detailed and lyrically focused set of songs.
An intense love for music and a genuine ambition to create interesting and appealing songs really shines through in this first release

Above you can read their biography they only use Instagram at the moment, then now my review if you want to contact them https://www.instagram.com/silverchildren/. They have released new songs so I wanted to give them a new review, the new song is very lovely to listen amazing rock tunes in the song. The song is full of amazing instruments, and the lyrics are good written. This is refreshing and good music, their music is very professional. I have feeling they are going to come very far if more people listen to their songs, that is one of the reasons I review also unsigned from Instagram, otherwise I would never known they sung and made songs. They have incredible good melodies and tunes in the songs, I could listen this all day long on the radio or at a live gig. This could be if it were up to me broadcast all around the world, this is the new band we are looking for in this world. Therefore, share this review with this new rock band on it. Subscribe on their YouTube channel, I did because i do not want to miss new releases of this lovely new music band.



 YOUTUBE CHANNEL  http://bit.ly/29hGWqd

 SPOTIFY                   http://bit.ly/29y2QI9

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