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@Dusky_grey #musicnews #MusichourUK #singer #luister #share

@Dusky_grey #musicnews #MusichourUK #singer #luister #share

Jul 5, 2016 3:07 PM

This singer is Dusky grey, he is already a long time on chatsong unsigned platform, and has grow a lot as artist. So I decided to change the review I had written, into a new review of this talented singer with new music links, listen to this singer and give votes and comment beneath this review.

Hello, I am Dusky Grey. I am a singer-songwriter from North Wales, I was born in 18/02/1997. I have been writing music since 2015. Music has always been a huge part of my life, I feel that every moment, every feeling and every emotion can be changed by the waves and tones of music. This gave me huge interest in the art of music so I began to write and create my own music. Every song has a story, an emotion and a moment that was important to me at specific times in my life, listen carefully and you might figure a lot about me. If you enjoy remember to please share it with your friends, family and help spread my music around the world. Support would be very much appreciated.

i started playing guitar in march 2013, but I have been singing since 2015. I play the acoustic guitar and currently own the Taylor 214 deluxe but I have also learne other instuments such as the ukelele and the harmonica. I am currently studying Sports and Exercise Science in LJMU, I have a lot of spare time to write and discover new music. It is liverpool that i am based at, i play a lot of gigs all over liverpool. Find out more in the "gigs and tour" section.
My hope is that everyone can listen to my music and enjoy but mostly to understand the meaning behind my music. if you do enjoy please share my music around the world.
Above you can also read on his website, then now my review about this talented singer I spotted trough Instagram a while ago. This singer has made a new song called Over You with Nathan Lambert, what a lovely song. I was already found of his cover songs on Instagram, that is why I wanted to give him a place to grow, and this singer has grown as you can read on his website. What a lovely song his vocals are a gift, this singer is born for music. On spotify you can listen and buy more songs from the album hide and seek, i suggest do it. This could be soon a big pop star in the music industry. I can not wait till this singer is going to release more track, this singer has to be known around the world. This is good material for mtv and billboards, therefore share this review around the world. I would for sure buy his ticket if he is going to tour around the world, for example in the Netherlands.





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