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Apr 14, 2016 11:21 AM

This rapper is really amazing, all his tracks are good. Click on the links and vote or give comments beneath this review, share this talented rapper as mush as you can. He is almost the new Eminem on rap area, very good songs his album was in the hands of President Obama.

Hi there, 

So here are my links!



Im a rapper from the UK in Yorkshire, my name is Robert Winterburn and im 20

And my story is kinda normal, maybe a bit abnormal but I started writing when I was about 16/17 I came into the writing game a bit late, but I've been a big fan of rap music since year 9/10. When I made my first song I got laughed at by the whole college I was studying at but it didn't make me quit, it made me go back in the lab for about a year and came out with "Beggin" and everyone started enjoying my music so thats why im here today.


This rapper is fantastic to listen especially his first song on his sound cloud, basically all the songs though, I can not stop listening to his  songs, am really impressed. This rapper is excellent, the music fits well with his voice. Lovely to listen, this is certainly one of rappers that is going to grow worldwide. Each song is beautiful with all the melodies that he uses in his songs. His album has even been in the hands with President Obama on a picture. This rapper is almost as good as Eminem, some songs seem to, eminem I found earlier super to listen when I was younger, the rapper will be just as good and maybe even better. Have already listened to all of his songs, and they are all amazing. This rapper going to be better and better, that is in his character. So keep follow the updates this rapper makes, and share this platform to all countries. This rapper will be soon have his own gigs, in the world. I believe in that, if you listened to his songs.








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