@RealMikeyFlyght twitter

@RealMikeyFlyght twitter

Nov 25, 2016 11:54 AM

This is Realmikeyflyght4real a rapper and hip hop artist from Florida, I did review him a way back and found him one the best rappers i have heard, with great lyrics and an amazing freestyle voice. Since the last time he has made several new songs, that is why i renewed his review. His new single called Wolf is not yet released, so I have the honor to listen as first and review it before you all will get a chance to listen. So read my review of this new single and listen to the other songs he already has released.


 New Single "Wolf" recorded at Fusion Flow Studios in Miami, Fl. Produced by J.G Afuego. Chorus written by Elz Money Music.


This is an update review of the music of this rapper and hip hop artist from Florida, he also runs an own marketing company what is called flyghtmusicmarketing and he has collaborated with several artists, he is always looking for new talent to work with. One of the new talent is Amanda Paterson, also reviewed on chatsong. Then now my review of his upcoming debut single wolf, I have the honor to listen to it as first. The song called Wolf starts with a good intro and amazing beats, his voice is unique and he can rap very good. The lyric has a message to the listeners, i really love the chorus of the song. This song is top quality hip hop music, it has a good flow and is really doped. Mark my words this rapper will soon concur the world with his amazing songs and style. The song has great tunes and melodies and sounds not to busy, it is perfectly produced. This new song which soon will be released is great material for a lot rap and hip hop enthusiasts all around the world, and radio stations and record labels. Therefore, share this amazing talented freestyle rapper with his music as much as you can. Be sure you will be the first one, when it is released to listen and share it as much as you can.








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