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@swatkitorotati1 twitter

Jul 10, 2016 4:08 PM

This talented musician made first hiphop R$B sound but at the moment he is making edm your can listen and read my review on chatsong. Listen to the new songs he has made on SoundCloud, this is a very talented Edm producer from Colombia. Give comments and votes beneath this review and share as much as you can.

Start make music just to play but i really enjoy and become always trying to know more about it and today I feel I need too really study even. If i never become professional I will always like discover something new and try to make it.

That are his words he tries a lot and I am sure one day he succeeds, his destiny and goal. Someday when he goes on with this edm genre what you all can listen in this review, I suggest do it. He is going to be big in this field let me tell you, this a musician you have to follow and check his updates on his sound cloud. This talented EDM DJ, also deserves to be shared around the world. And be broadcast on a radio online. His music is really good, very talented Edm producer with amazing songs. This need to be heard around the world, the new songs he has made are very amazing. I love to listen to this genre a lot, It makes me calm and I really enjoy listening to this music. This music you can dance on, and this is something for the famous DI radio app I listen every day to relax. If it were up to me he would stand next to Tiesto on Ibiza giving away a live show, this is a verry good DJ from Colombia 






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