@VicesAdulation twitter

@VicesAdulation twitter

Apr 14, 2016 9:19 PM

This woman is a born singer! Not only does she Rock but she’s incredibly nice to look and listen to. Her voice is amazing!! Every note she creates with her voice, is breathtaking….. You should follow her on every account she has; you won't regret it. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and vote or give comments beneath this review.

This woman needs a spotlight because she is amazing! Like I said she's a born star on the outside, but her lyrics show how deep and beautiful she is on the inside.


“I was already a published poet..... Music is my passion and I wanted my poems to come to life.....like a pop-up book when your a child.” This is just one of the reasons she became a singer.

I like her vision and her thoughts! I want the whole world to meet this person!

She has a lot of hyperlinks, so there's plenty of places to find her and interact with fans from many different countries. one of the links is a broadcast radio interview!! 
This woman Really Rocks!! She's constantly changing her image but on the inside, she's as deep as the South Pacific and as strong as a wooded forest!! SHE'S BADASS!!!



https://t.co/vPQK4RkJT9 webpage of this born star!! 

https://t.co/aftp6RMknx Soundcloud

https://t.co/i5NY2BgIAY Radioshow she was in. 



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