Apr 21, 2016 6:30 PM

A Producer/Singer/DJ Who Wants To Give The World A Different Experience Using Music As A Vehicle. Read my review about his music here as first. Click on the links and give votes or comments , beneath this review.

I’ve Always had a passion for music. At a younger age i got introduced into it, my uncle used to come and practice with his band at home so i guess i can say it runs in the family. at about 16  years old i would lock myself in my room Blast the music like any other teen but i would practice singing i still enjoy doing it. Then later on i discovered a platform for creating music it was very new to me. I didn’t know where to begin so i just started to experiment with it and soon enough i realised i had a talent and the ears for it, Ever since i’ve been on a quest to share my Visions to the world trying to showcase something different by painting a picture and Bringing everyone together using music. I don’t know how we would truly express our feelings and thoughts if music never existed...


This is what he wrote to me in a short version, why he decides to make music.

Now to my review about this deejay, called ambient genre. The genre is a quiet ambient style. You have different styles in the DJ world, progressive house, house, trance, etc. For the style he used, I think he's fine, this is music to relax in the lounge chair, hope he can find a nice vocal voice to mix in his beautiful melodies. One mix has though japstrumental called on his sound cloud, which I find pleasant to hear. But his style he does not bad, certainly not a bad deejay, follow him on twitter and on sound cloud.

That's why I put it on my chat song platform offering a review, to be able to grow in fan base and likes. Someday he will make more tracks, And I don't want to miss it. Share this platform with this amazing Ambient style DJ on it., we are going to hear more of this DJ.




 https://t.co/1MEVFyjTKe INSTAGRAM 


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