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@izzy_vadim twitter

Apr 22, 2016 10:11 AM

This bass music producer/dj is from Laval Quebec Read my review and his choice to make music as first on chat song. Click on the links and give votes or comments, beneath the review.

Short bio and why I started making music ; 
I was born and raised in Ukraine and moved to Montreal at the age of ten where I discovered stuff like guitar hero and school of rock. Those two things basically got me wanting to learn guitar, which I did with the help of youtube. In high school I met lots of other musicians and we started a band. Once in a band I started composing songs. The lack of motivation of my band mates made me want to make music on my own. Since then I've been making different kinds of music with Ableton. Now I'm studying music in college in hopes of making a career out of it. 

Above is a short version of his biography, you can read.
Now to my review of this disc jockey, his mixes are great to listen to, I am Really enjoying his mixes. I now want to go to the club, a mix he made is very popular among the younger population is called dub step. The other mix genre called bass house, really good nice mix to listen. I am sorry that there are only two deejay mixes, I want to listen to the mixes again and again, the beats in his mixes are fantastic to hear. My biggest genre that I enjoy electronic music, house, dance, vocal trance. This deejay definitely earned a spot on the music platform for talented and unsigned, Hope this deejay will make multiple deejay mixes, Because he is a talented DJ and this certainly deserves attention from you as listeners. Therefore, share this review as much as you can. 






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