Apr 26, 2016 3:14 PM

This rock band is from United Kingdom, Brighton, to be precise,they have a lot of followers on twitter read my review here about them. Click on the links and vote or comments beneath this review.

(IAM)WARFACE is an Electro Rock band formed in Brighton in 2015 consisting of Matt Warface, Lou Matthews, Matt Whitehead and Alex Whibley. The name is a metaphor for their own style of bombastic high-energy music. (IAM)WARFACE has taken the pop route, but keeps it dangerous with a fusion of 80’s style vocals, abstract guitars, moody layered synth riffs and pounding drum beats. (IAM)WARFACE have been influenced by many peers such as Muse, Big Black Delta, Nero, Queens of the Stone Age, Tears For Fears, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys and MGMT. Debut EP "Say My Name" released April 20th 2016. 




Above is a brief description about this band

You all can read on their website, now to my review about this rock band from England. What I can tell you though is that they have sent a song, which has yet to be released. This will soon you hear yourself as you continue to follow this rock band on all accounts. The songs I received are super well written and beautiful instruments incorporated in it, this is really high quality music, the singer has a beautiful voice, together they sound even better. The intro of each song begins else that makes you as a music listener want to hear all, at least I do not want to stop listening to the great songs they have already made. This rock band is so good that they really can occur between the famous rock bands, this band will definitely stand you in line for a ticket.

The song to die for you know well how beautiful the voice of the lead singer is, because I find amazing in every song is that it seems that they have an echo in the song when they sing. This rock band is definitely worth the effort to listen to all their songs, Beautiful rock music with drumming and more instruments. Understand sure they have a record label which is called FABRECORDS, what I do not understand that they are not yet known in my country the Netherlands. That's why I wanted to give this amazing rock band a review on my music platform. Because, secretly I hope they will be this famous in all countries, they are worth it.

Was very honoured to give them a review, this rock band gained attention from you as a music listener and a larger fan base, follow them therefore all their social media accounts below.








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