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Apr 27, 2016 7:05 PM

The pop rock band headed by Alessia Mattalia, Drummer on jeff beck's Grammy winning single hammerhead. New EP out. Read my review about them on chatsong and vote or give comments , beneath this review.


Alessia is arguably Europes best known female drummer having done session work for Jeff Beck and particularly noted for her drumming on Jeff Beck's Grammy Award winning track 'HAMMERHEAD' featured on the album 'Emotion and Commotion'.
Other key elements of Alessia's career: opening act with italian pop band B-Nario of Michael Jackson's gig at S.Siro stadium in Milano (June 1997), touring member with italian popstars Eros Ramazzotti, Massimo Ranieri, Dario Baldan Bembo, headliner atLyon Bag' Show (2004) Montluçon international drumming festival(2005) and Torino drumming festival (2006).



Mai is mostly known for her work with Estonian pop sensation KERLI, Swedish singer-songwriter Linnea Henriksson and her own jazz-fusion group MaiGroup that she formed in 2010 from the most remarkable Swedish young musicians. MaiGroup has released two albums: “Luv” (2013) and “You” (2015) consisting of original compositions written, arranged and produced by Maiherself. Her latest album “You” features highly renowned guest artists like Greg Leisz on pedal steel guitar, Håkan Broström on soprano sax and Wille Alin on drums.

Mai has toured/recorded/shared the stage with Doug SeegersCarolaGreg LeiszDavid Crosby, Philip Hamilton (Mike Stern “Voices”, Pat Metheny Group).




keyboardist and band's main composer,Marcello wrote his first hit in 1996 (I Wish You, Proprio Records) for italian dance pop band LIES IN A BOX. In 2011 Marcello wrote a set of rock variations on the first 8 bars of "I DUE FOSCARI" by Giuseppe Verdi, arguably the most influent italian opera composer during Risorgimento, then performed live with Alessia, guitarist Mario Pignatelli, bassist Roberto Cassetta and flute player Marco Giaccaria during the opening day of the official celebrations to commemorate 150 years of italian political unity.
Married with Alessia since 2009.




after having begun studying trumpet at the age of 6,  Ludovic shifts to the guitar influenced by Toto and Queen.
Arranger and touring guitarist for Dave and Didier Barbelivien, Akram, Patrice Carmona, Lusitana, Marteen. Guitarist inGregg Bissonette Mapex Tour and Stratocaster VG Tour.



Today I'm going to give this rock group reviewing their music, Where I am delighted to. The rock band consists of several persons, which you can read on the website, but also on the music platform. I do not review only unsigned bands but also with a contract. This rock band is from France, very cool that I can review them, The band's singer Amy really has a golden voice, she is vocally strong. What I find beautiful drumming alessia, Jesus what is this woman is good, you also hear a lot of guitar work in the song. All musicians are musically talented, this is truly a band of world class. That's why I wanted to write about this band, in the hope that this will be shared around the world, Each song is amazing.I'm moving there with my head back and forth and enjoy with my headphones, despite the pain that I have these songs with Amy as vocal voice lets me reduce the pain

This band has to fly around the world that they really deserve, the songs I keep replay, they are so cool, I Am truly honored that these rock stars follow me. Music connects the world together, Chat Song is a way to get as many music lovers and musicians to connect with each other and get found worldwide trough too much social media, I would like this amazing  rock band is heard everywhere in the world, You have to share this rock band of all social media that exists, Only would that go against my thoughts, so rather than share this platform with this article so they can be read and heard around the world, I have had the privilege to listen to songs that are newer than their on website. But let me say this click on their website and follow their music updates, because they are worth to listen. My prediction is that this band very quickly going to travel around the world. 


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