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Apr 30, 2016 1:21 PM

This is a singer songwriter from London, read my review about his music here on chatsong. Click on the links and give comments or votes beneath this review



I love music. I’m definitely a musician. I taught myself a few instruments, including singing, guitar, bass, and a little piano and drums. And I write songs too, lots of them. I guess that means I’m a songwriter as well.I also love films. I’ve always made them up in my head, and more recently I’ve started actually making them, so other people can watch them too!
By necessity that means I’ve had to learn how to be a cameraman and editor as well.
Some efforts have been promotional films for others, many have been experiments with my own music as the soundtrack. You can check them out on my YouTube channel, alongside films I love fiction writing.
Even before I made up films in my head I made up stories, some of them I actually wrote down!
I have oodles of ideas for books and screenplays, but haven’t applied the time to write for a quite a while. For now I’ve just got one collection of short stories available on Amazon.
But not all words need be fiction; I also write My blog. Sometimes I write to inspire, sometimes to inform, other times more like a simple diary. Another thing I have always loved, even more so since I met my wife, is travelling.

There are few better ways to grow than experiencing all the different cultures, customs, places and landscapes of our beautiful world (and, being a Londoner, the different weather too – aaah, sweet sunshine!).

Though I’m fortunate to have visited a number of countries on five continents (still not made it to South America…yet!) my favourite is Italy, and that was true even before I met my wife, who’s from Ischia, an island in the south of Italy, so might make me a little biased. An added benefit to travelling – even just going out for a day’s walk in London – is being able to indulge in photography; especially landscape and city shots.I’m by no means a professional photographer, but I really enjoy trying to find a new angle or contrast in the composition. I like to saturate the colors of my photos afterwards. It might give somewhat “unnatural” results but I love the way the photos really pop out! You can see a bunch of these on my Instagram. I also really enjoy exercising, particularly martial arts. Although I don’t devote as much time as I used to, I still train Chinese kung fu a few times a week, specifically Tai Chi and Wing Chun, and intend to keep on doing so for the rest of my life! I’ve even been honoured to appear briefly on national TV performing some Wing Chun!
Of course I’ve been very fortunate to have a world-class teacher close by, in whom’s school I train. Head to Jasma.Org.UK if you’d like to know more. Another thing I’ve always really enjoyed is inspiring positivity in people and helping them to grow. Whether as a manager (in my old career in advertising sales!), via client consulting or just casually over a pint, I love helping people see and seize new opportunities, especially when they feel in a rut, thinking (erroneously!) that they’ve no options. Even worse; I loathe to see people waste talent. Happily I’m having more and more opportunity to help people directly, through one of my other regular activities; event hosting:
I run a company called UK Open Mic that puts on a few free open mics in London each week, one of which I’ve been personally hosting for a few years now. Another company I’m helping and hosting events for is Darker Music Talks, which puts on a free monthly seminar at PRS for Music, the UK’s songwriter royalties collection society.

Both of these enable me to meet lots of wonderful musicians who, like me, are striving to piece together fledgling careers in music. This gives me the precious opportunity to share my thoughts and ideas on how they might grow and improve their careers. But, all this said, my single biggest passion is my family; my wife Simona and our beautiful daughter, Mina.
I spend three days a week on daddy duty, playing and looking after Mina (she’s only 3!), and I try my utmost to keep the weekends free to spend as a family.



Above is also what you can read on his own blog, if you click on his website link

This singer as you can see has many passions as your can read above, now my review about his music and voice. His voice is a rough diamond, High and low, his voice great to hear. He also thinks it is important like me that it is the lyrics that make the song. Great rock music of this singer has a great vibe in the voice. What a great voice, this singer from London. Each song is different, every song you can hear what he can achieve with his voice. It is not only beautiful to watch the songs, but also to listen and read his lyrics in the songs. The singer makes the songs, also visual amazing with his passion for films. This singer is a star, and it certainly deserves that this article go around the world. You can see on his website that he has many articles and press releases, but each review will help to get this guy on the spot what he deserved. The singer has been in different countries, but this may be the world. I am very happy that this rising star worldwide follow me and wanted me to write a review. I am also pleased to share this big star in the music world with your music fans and visitors to chat song. The singer must not be lost in the crowd because there is too much social media, That is why I find it an honour to give him a review as this platform get a good look through several countries
My final review on this talented singer is that he has a voice of a diamond, writes wonderful lyrics and make it visually appealing.

Maybe you think my review is short, that is because my fingers won't let me trough the pain, but it goes about what message I want to share to my visitors and music fans and the world, about this amazing singer from London. I do hope this great musician will be played anywhere on the radio, television and tour with his music anywhere in this world


This cover you have to listen its amazing!

Click on his music links below and get the free songs he offers, it is worth it!



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