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@VicesAdulation twitter THE GUITARIST

@VicesAdulation twitter THE GUITARIST

Apr 30, 2016 4:50 PM

This review is about a member of the band Vices and Adulation, which i reviewed earlier this month. Because I find this rock band totally amazing, read my review on this talented guitarist on chat song. This man has golden fingers, click on the links and give comments below in the disqus and vote on this musician of the award winning band VicesAdulation.

The guitarist of VicesAdulation is Fabian Upton and is pretty awesome!
This guy was world champion for '8 finger-tapping' 4 years in a row!
Take a listen to “Puerile Peridot” the instrumental Album on Reverbnation.
His level of talent is astounding, he's an essential asset to the band.
He's like a fireball wrapped in a chromium bombshell!!!
He’s totally up there with Jimmy Hendrix!!

He clearly has an unbreakable bond with guitars…….







“Vices and Adulation songs are very interesting. The use of different instruments are uplifting. Even though most releases are instrumental at the moment, the tones are impressive and fun. No words are needed when someone can play this good. Great use of different melodies, and they all fit well together. I am looking forward with great anticipation to more vocal/instrumental releases from this EXTREMELY TALENTED artist.”— Review team writer, Platinum Review

 "This rock band is fantastic and I am happy that I can write about them, worldwide they have to know   this band!!! "

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