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This great singer is from london, read my review on chatsong, this is a future musician. Listen to the songs in this review and give comments or votes beneath this review.

I feel that I didn't choose to make music - it chose me. Music has a power over our emotions that we may never quite understand - that's why it's so subjective - everybody's emotions are different, so everybody likes different things. So I don't remember choosing it, so much as I remember needing to do it. Needing to pick up a guitar and learn how to play it; needing to write words to the music, and to sing them in my own unique way. I definitely have a voice you can pick out! Lyrics are incredibly important to me, and I think a lot of people miss the subtlety of what I write. In the past a lot of it has been quite angry, some has been brutally depressive, and melancholy definitely has a strong stake in what I do - because that's what moves me to write! Pretty much everything is autobiographical, so it's mostly about relationships; love and loss, and sometimes death. The EP you have is something I'm proud of because I recorded everything myself. I recorded all the instruments, I mixed it and mastered it. "The Fray" was considered to be included in The Walking Dead - apparently it didn't work out, which was a shame, because the music on that show is incredible, and I'd love to have made it alongside Tom Waits! I get to have some really nice conversations with fans who are loyal to the songs - they let me know if a song lifts them up (Legacy Of Love - my only upbeat/happy song) or makes them cry (everything else). I played someone a few demos from my next album recently, and they asked me if it was a good idea to release it. The lyrics are so personal, so full of love and dedication, and sadness, that "the next person you're with is going to expect you to write even better songs for them". I don't really see life like that. I can't be self serving enough to plan ahead like that. I wander through life in a nomadic fashion, and on the rare occasion that I'd find somebody to open up to - those incredible feelings have to be made into art. That's what it is for me: Art. It's all consuming. A history. Toured Australia when I left school at 18. Got back, joined a band, and toured the UK relentlessly for 4 years. Then formed my own band (Vitriol I.D) where we did more of the same - supporting the likes of The Subways and The Kooks. Took a break from gigging so much and focussed more on writing, recording (by myself) and lining up some songs for film and TV. I've had a few tracks placed but nothing big. As I mentioned - "The Fray" was considered for The Walking Dead - I think it's a shame they didn't use it - it's perfect for the post-apocalyptic vibe. It would probably suit Devil's Rejects even better. So I built up my production skills (listen to "Repeat It" from "Something Soon Has Got To Give on bandcamp) to a really high standard - but never really got a massive break. I almost gave up music after so many disappointments - life wasn't going well at the time. At the start of the year I started to get interested again so bought a cheap fender acoustic as I didn't have any instruments. I loved the idea of starting again where I first got into it - recording on a 4 track tape machine. So that's close to what I'm doing now. I am using a DAW, but only two channels - no overdubs, so punch ins - everything live. Bit of compression, EQ and as much reverb as I can get away with. That's what you'll hear on the new Youtube album. Wayward Fires will be live, acoustic and filmed.

Above is what he answers on the question, why you decide to make music?

What strikes me is that he has a hoarse voice in the first song, very beautiful. What I find a plus is that he attaches great importance to the texts he writes. The singer has a beautiful voice this has man, become totally quiet inwardly as I listen to his songs.as your can read to me in his message, his song almost used in a popular US series. Unfortunately, this has not gone trough, what a shame. So would have been perfect because if you listen you enjoy the song “the fray” great intro to that song. I know the series where he writes about, they are stupid not to use it. No offense to the makers of this popular series called the walking dead. The singer sings in every song beautiful, get goose bumps everywhere at every song he makes. This singer has a really great voice to listen to, am very happy that I could write about him. And a lot of diversity in his songs from quit to rock. Am really impressed by this musician, find it an excellent musician. This is an artist like others I've written about top quality songs, it doesn't take long anymore and he will be notice all around the world. What the singer also deserves, I am so glad I may introduce you this amazing talented musically singer. Your have to click on all his music links below and become a fan, just i have become at the moment. He also made a Christmas song, which I like better than most that I always hear during Christmas. Because I do not like Christmas music, that songs get annoying because you hear it every year again and again, this song should instead be played on the radio television and worldwide. Glad he went trough with writing and recording his own beautiful songs.




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