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@jimmygiant55 twitter

May 1, 2016 7:17 PM

Hi I'm Scottish Irish musician singer songwriter. I play all instruments on the songs, Please support and enjoy. Read my review of this Singer on chat song and click on the links. This a update of the singer, because he has now more songs. Give comments and votes beneath this review





Jimmy giant formerly lead vocals guitars and writer for the shiff,now he is going further as solo musician. Read my review about this singer/songwriter on chatsong platform. 


The singer I have already given a review, only he has new songs this singer has a beautiful vocal voice.  Very nice how he spends his emotion in the songs and the music. I love his message in the songs. Delicious lyrics makes this man, Jesus he uses it in his lyrics, but Jesus what can this man sing very well. What a unique voice has this singer, Unfortunately, the rock band stops as your read on his music account and above. This guy is looking for new musicians to strengthen him, If I was a drummer or bass musician I would know I would call him for contact. The singer has talent and deserves to be listened to by your, the singer is very musical plays almost all the instruments himself. What am I impressed by this singer, Whether they are demos or not this is excellent for listening to. Am honored to give this talented singer a place on this platform, so your music fans or maybe record labels can hear his amazing songs. And he always wants to improve his songs and writings, that means this singer has perfection in his character. Click on the  URL links below and listen to his amazing sound and vocal voice. I still love his music nothing has changed, your need to hear his songs and share this platform so he will be known all around the world. 

https://t.co/3PDxgnoLFe REVERBNATION

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmBBcOCXK8v3f-ct4mCet3g YOUTUBE


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