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Award winning singer from USA check all the music links on the mini review on chat song. Click on the links and give votes or comments beneath this review

The reason I decided to make my music is simple: I love music and I love to create!!

Dan got his start playing clarinet in the elementary school band, although he quickly switched to cello. He was privately classically trained, and played in school orchestras till graduation from H.S. In college Dan switched to guitar-and self-instructed till ’91-when he began formal study and created the first incarnation of his alternative rock unit The Workers in NYC. The Workers have previously released “East Bronx Epiphany” and “Theatre of the Distraught”, both in CD form. In the early 00’s, “E. Bx. E.” became a top local seller for 2 years at the Tower Records Yonkers, NY store. In ’06, Dan went solo. He now performs as an acclaimed singer/songwriter in the metro NY region, and has begun touring. Dan is a 3-time winner of the prestigious ASCAPlus Popular Award. Most recently, he finished recording his 3rd CD release “Totem”, with renowned engineer/producer Will Hensley behind the controls. (Will has assisted in sound mixing for top acts such as Cold Play and John Mayer). For this weighty endeavor, Dan also engaged top-notch local and remote studio musicians. “Totem” was officially released 11/15/14 and is slowly but steadily gaining wider exposure. Visit http://www.theworkersmusic.com for a sampling of Dan’s musical magic.

I'm not known on a large scale yet in Europe.
Of course, I do have fans all over the world through Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, and YouTube.

Plus, I've been on a number of major internet stations, one of which is located in Europe called Night Flight.
They broadcast to an audience of 27,000 listeners.
I'm a regular contributor.


Above is his biography and his experiences on music area, as you can read and see is he an award winning singersongwriter. This singer has plenty of reviews 13 to be exactly, I told him chatsong is not only musicreviews, it is also about sharing all his music links to your music fans, and other countiries. Allright he have a lot fans over the world, but it can always be more. 

now to my mini review about this award wining musician


The singer can hear who is very musical, beautiful unique sound in his voice, His choice of music fits well with his voice. Lovely to listen to the music and separate unique voice, Find it a pleasure to listen to his music, lyrics, and his voice does something inside me. No wonder he is award winner, yet I think he deserved more dignity as musician. And despite he is known on social media the singer is not known on a large scale in Europe. So with this short article and mini review because he has all so many, if you want to help this amazing award wining singer click on his music links and share this page with him on it trough all nation in this large world. I am really honored to may review this outstanding singer on chat song, and got permission to use the music links.





http://t.co/jeWQE5YXu3 Website


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