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@LoneStag247 #musiclisencing #musicwonder #LABEL #radio #musicnews

@LoneStag247 #musiclisencing #musicwonder #LABEL #radio #musicnews

May 4, 2016 11:14 AM

The singer songwriter is from USA, Read my review of his music on chat song Your are surprised how talented his voice and musicality is and click on the links. Give comments and votes beneath the review


Singer/Song writer in Upstate SC mixed celtic person



Lone Stag is a singer/ songwriter in South Carolina, USA, and he really does look like a Rock Star. With his singular deep voice and skill with the guitar, he is well worth the listen.  Lone Stag does covers at the moment, using his talent to make the song his own. This guy has a beautiful voice , every note he sings is lovely.  I love to listen to this unsigned talent, he is truly born to be a Rock Star. Every cover he does is amazing to listen to with his beautiful hoarse rock voice and skills he is able to bring more to the table.  Lone Stag is a talent that should not be lost in the crowd trying to be heard in the Music Industry.  I believe he will get far, both in the US and around the world!  I'm so glad I found Lone Stag on YouTube and was able to get to know him. I've become a big fan of this great musician, and I think you will be amazed at his voice and musical skill.  He posts videos on YouTube and I am so happy to let the world know about this Singer.  He really is a born Rock Star.  Please find his page on YouTube and listen for yourself, you will not be disappointed.  You can also follow Lone Stag on Twitter and get to know him yourself.  He'll soon be recording his own original works and I can't wait.
Share this talented singer in every countries there are, because this is going to be a big star soon. 



 https://soundcloud.com/user-384044759 LONESTAG 

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