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@rubberclowncar #IndieMusicBlast #MusicHourUK #indieartist #muziek #review

@rubberclowncar #IndieMusicBlast #MusicHourUK #indieartist #muziek #review

May 5, 2016 2:52 PM

This band is rubber clown car from Oswego Illinois, read my review about this band on chatsong. With all accounts links for your to listen buy and download, give comments and votes beneath this review


 Always in search of the perfect pop song Rubber Clown Car loves power-pop, punk, rock, pop, and anything with great lyrics. Formed in 2006 the band continues to write and record songs (including selected covers) while trying to make sense of the absurdity and complexity of everyday life. Pure Pop for Paranoid People. 

We've been described as: a mixture of XTC, Bob Mould, the Damned, the Who, GBV, the Replacements, and Matthew Sweet...Rubber Clown Car is: Dirk Prysby - Guitars, Vocals Fred Beasley - Drums, Vocals, Guitars Tony Pantalones - Bass, Keys, Everything else.

Above is the description of this indie band, then now my review about the band. What you good can hear is that the band played many instrument, many types of genres of music plays. that makes the band divers because they let  different styles heard, the guitar work is beautiful to hear in the songs. That makes the songs a spectacle to listen to, the lead singer has a quiet voice, you hear also background singers in some songs. the songs are fun to listen to, indie rock in the song Destiny calling there do you hear what the lead singer can do with his voice. They write  texts that are original and well conceived,  the songs are not standard songs that you hear it  on the lyrics and the way of transmitting the songs. They have their own style created what is different than many types of indie bands, If you know what is so different about their style music, I suggest you clicking on all music link in this article. my assessment they are musical well worth the effort to listen to, some songs I find rougher than other songs. This is up to you music listeners and visitor to my platform to review them yourself, if you click on all their music links. And share this platform with this indie band on it, so they will be shared as well. 






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