May 5, 2016 4:27 PM

Music production team We compose Pop & Hip Hop music, this is production it is different then reviewing a musician, but i wanted it to do it. So your can enjoy the beats and connect with them for a song beat, read my review of this production team on chatsong. Click on the homepage in this review, if you are looking for awesome beats.

Hello we go by Official Status. we are music producers trying to bring something unique to the game. We have also had several favorable reviews of our beats by Dale Kawashima who has worked with all the legends in music. We feel we can bring some more originality and a unique twist to music. We are really passionate about what we do,in fact you could call us beat junkies. We do hip hop and pop tracks . Also we would love to get to into country as well . We are truly motivated and passionate about what we do. It would be a pleasure to work with you.

Official Status is a production team consisting of two members. We are business partners and also brothers. we are both born in New York and we both love music very much. growing up my parents always played classic R&B and soon we started listening to classic rock, classical music, etc. We are looking to make our own mark in the music industry and have that different sound element that is new and interesting to the music game.

Our goal is to have a record company and also to have a lot of clients that are very pleased with our work. Our main mission is to have fun. To always enjoy your life that you have and to always enjoy the love of music. Thank you for reading this and please enjoy our site





These producers have sent me some beats to listen, the first one I now listen I find it real good. When you are a female or male singer and make hip hop songs, if you have this then I guarantee you that will become a success for your. The second beat is also cool to listen well made these are truly professional producers, kaliente is a great beat for even make a vocal trance song together with a singer, until now all beats that I have heard are amazing to hear, if you as a musician really want to have a stunner of a song, you must have these producers. These men love music just as many of us do, I recommend you to if you have good beats need to consult these men for your songs on pop hip hop trance edm area. They also have a goal in mind that is a record company, here they certainly achieve in this cool brothers.

They are the best on beat composing, you can also hear more on the link below, in which you have to click on singers. They have a beat for every singer, so are you novice singer or are you looking for a super beat contact these brothers!




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