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May 6, 2016 10:08 PM

I am DreadHeadYung A.K.A Yungsta Baby !! Born December 29,1990 I am 25 from Coving-ton Ky. I Started Writing music At Age 12 read my review on chatsong click on the links and give votes or comments in the disqus below the review.

 I am DreadHeadYung A.K.A Yungsta Baby !! Born December 29,1990 Im 25 from Covington Ky. I Started Writing music At Age 12 !! I Started Because The feeling I got From Music i Wanted to give back to Other People. It helped me release stress and anger and turned negative energy into Positive Creation . it Has and will always be the Way i Expressed Myself . I Love The Feeling I Get From The Instruments and sounds ! I love The way the Music just writes itself for me . I love the process of Making A Song with Raw Vocals and Then Hearing it Mixed And Mastered !! Its Like having a Child and watchin it grow into what u knew or beyond what u thought it would be ! Music is not a hobby its my life Its #ALLIKNOW !! Its All i Think About ! I Got Involved With The Law At Age 18 and Caught A Felony in 2009. 2010 At age 19 my Mother passed away From Breast Cancer While I Fought My Court Case On Bail. Shortly After I Was Sentenced And Sent To Jail Where I Spent A Couple Years All Around The State Of Kentucky !! I was Released in 2012 And Tried getting back on track and Released My Single And Video #ImSerious prod by NardandB along with constant recording of songs and doing Lots Of Shows  and while doing so i got my first babies mother pregnant at age 21 and on November 5th 2012 my Beautiful Blessing Malaysia Was Born !! Me and Her Mother Separated A Day After Christmas That Year. I Moved On And Ended Up Getting My 2nd Babies Mother pregnant in 2013 And Released My #Fire Video On Halloween of 2013 And Opened up for The Legendary Project Pat and Mike Jones To Name A Few!! On February 22nd 2014 at age 23 my King To Be Malique was Born!! Before he was born And After i was on the run from the Law trying to buy as much time as i could with my family and i manage to run for a year and some change but finally got locked up in 2014 4 to 5 months after my sons birth !! I Spent over A year Back in Kentucky Jails !! Towards the end of 2015 i was Released at Age 24 and Promised I Will Only Go Up From Here And At Age 25 Today im doing just that !! I've been in the Studio Constantly Dropping New And Classic Material That Is Coming Soon !! I Love My City And I Love My People And Ima Give Us A Platform To Step On !! God And Family First !! Remember Those That Remembered U !! Forget Those Who Forgot U !! Follow Your Heart and follow your dreams .





As you can read in his biography has this guy been through a lot, much I recognize myself, never condemn someone for its mistakes in the past. People can change in character, by music and expressing themselves in these songs. This rapper makes great music numbers at least in his first rap song I'm already a fan, and then I'm only at his first song, he has made. I love his songs, he shares a message in his songs. You hear that he raps about everyday life, and what he does not like in his life. I love his voice and the beats that he used, respect him right now because he just shares his opinion in his songs. This is a good rapper like to listen to this kind of music, beautiful lyrics he made. And I believe that his past and the experience he has made him an  excellent rapper. So far I find all songs great to hear.

The numbers on  YouTube I find really a beautiful song here, you can all hear what he can do with his voice, called Fire because in that song he does not want to go back to that life.  From this rapper we are going to hear more in the future  , this is a professional in his field. He's going to achieve  his dream to be an amazing rapper in the music business. Love that kind of thinking and i support this rapper in this ambition he has, I hope your music fans do to and especially listen to the messages in the songs. At least I find him excellent and he will become soon known around the world, if you share this article with this excellent rapper on it. Therefor you have to click on the URL links of him and stream his music, download and buy it.












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