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May 8, 2016 10:36 AM

This metal fan and wrestler does make also music, read my review on chat song and give comments or votes below in the disqus.

I grew up in a musical family and was into music all my life is have a gift for writing  lyrics i didn't work on music for years but a friend has inspired  me and am glad to be back into creating

Above is his short biography but many words can have a big message. This is Vic rector from Canada, he loves hard rock and metal. I have never done a review of this genre, when I was younger i listened that a lot and went to hardrock festivals in my past. 

It rocks already in the beginning, grunge looks more like what he's doing with his voice, the instruments in the song are cool to hear. Such a thing is cool on a hard rock festival that we also often have in Netherlands, the song called into nothing has super guitar work and drumming more tools, but that I hear the most. The second is quieter than the first you hear his voice better in there, Find it a great together the music and his voice, that guitar work is really amazing in this song also in the previous. The instruments in the songs makes it so super cool to want to listen all the song. Am now really with me whole body headbanging like they do that in that category music. You can hear in his voice he can sing, I think rock songs and metal songs are more his kind of music, when he does make more of that I would listen to it. So I hope he is going to make more rock and metal songs, because his voice sound better there and the songs are rougher to listen to. Click on his sound cloud if you like hard rock, the YouTube link if you want to hear his voice sound only with acoustic guitar.



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