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May 8, 2016 11:43 AM

Alternative Rock band Mourning stone from London England, read my review about this band on chatsong. Listen to the songs and give comments or votes beneath this review.

Mourning Stone is the collaborative project of Adam Maxfield (Vocals, Bass Guitar and Programming) of London England, United Kingdom, and Wes Dinwiddie (Guitars, Synths, Vocals, and Engineering) of Houston, Texas. Adam and Wes have been developing the sound and vibe of the band since January 2015.  Mourning Stone powers through with guitar-driven hard rock anthems while winning the hearts of their listeners with their rich, warm tone and liquid melodies. 
Mourning Stone's debut EP, "Five Ways to Broken", released December 19, 2015 parades their heavy, down-tuned Alternative Hard Rock side and gracefully displays the much softer and tender face of the genre.  Their lyrical style is simple but passionate, and easily relatable to everyday experiences.  In March 2016, Mourning Stone was selected by A.V.A. Live Radio as a featured artist for their song “Think Twice”, and was subsequently published online with American Pride Magazine. Mourning Stone continues to harness the airwaves on a regular basis with Independent Share Radio, The Pat Stone Show, as well as featured segments in podcasts and blogs all over the world.
"Think Twice” is such a catchy and beautiful song... it definitely stands out among the crowd." – Jacqueline Jax, A.V.A. Live Radio
"You two have achieved such a fabulous sound... The vocal and the production sound so polished." - Jacqueline Jax, A.V.A. Live Radio
A multi-instrumentalist from a musical family, Adam has been an avid member of the musical community and has collaborated with many artists over the years covering many genres of music.  In 2012, Adam participated in the Steinberg Finals which is a contest hosted by Broadjam each year that showcases top talent from all around the globe.  Adam was a runner-up finalist with songs entitled “Another Day”, and “I Still” co-written with Nathan Nasby.  Adam’s one true love has always been Hard Rock/Metal and with Mourning Stone he has found his ultimate platform together with his musical soulmate.
Wes has collaborated with producers and publishers for T.V. and film placements, and has worked specifically on projects where heavy rock guitars were a requirement.  In 2014, Wes licensed his first track with co-writer Shawn Tallard to CMT’s program, FNA USA.  In 2005, he gained attention from winning a guitar contest at Camp Pendleton, CA.  This earned him a spot to play on stage with Godsmack at a special charity event to support the troops who were returning home from combat in the Middle East.  “qy67aZw’ the Corps” was filmed and played live in front of a crowd of 40,000 people, and was also broadcast live around the world by the Armed Forces Network.

“…all the way around, it’s a solid alternative genre sound.” – Dave Davis, Independent Share Radio.



As you can read this band has started in January 2015, music is in their blood. They have had a couple of reviews, but my music platform with chatroom  is not only a music review it is a lot more. Now to my reviews of this alternative rock band from England, read it here.

The first track begins with a nice intro and the voices sound good together, good lyrics in the song. I Am only at the fist song, which sounds fantastic this is delicious to listen. This band would messages about daily life in the lyrics, very pretty as you listen carefully what exactly. They sound really good together in the songs, also the instruments makes it even more beautiful to listen. In the song Last day is a beautiful text written, if this is your last day was in life. I hope that we still have a long way with this good rock band in the future, because that would be a waste. Beautiful songs so far, recognize much as I listen to these songs. Especially the song called a better life, “ would you teach me how to love” i recognized myself in it. The only thing I love right now is their music they make, any music musicians make. What totally nice is that they have made so many songs and I also thereby many can listen to that makes me happy. This is a band that knows what making music is, each song is beautifully made and wonderfully to listen. Get sense to even to play the drums while writing, is derived but I do not mind. Great band is this really top artists, this should just be heard worldwide. It's musically delightful to listen to all their songs. I Am really impressed with the band and how well they can play musical instruments and sing. This band is only last year started, my feeling is that they quickly become known in the world. Cannot stop listening what a fantastic band from England, want to listen to everything again so good are the songs. Click on all the music accounts links of this great band, rather it would be better if you share this music platform with them on it. Your have to buy and stream this music become a “mourning stone” fan like i have now, And the reason of the album is also very beautiful to read below.






 Album Notes

5 Ways to Broken is an album concept that explores the “Five Stages of Grief”, the natural human psychological process that we experience in some form in order to deal with loss. The five stages of normal grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance were first proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her 1969 book “On Death and Dying.” We must realize through understanding though that each of these stages of mourning do not necessarily last for a specific amount of time, do not necessarily occur in any particular order, and not all stages may be experienced as a road-map in someone’s unique process. Grief and mourning is different for everyone; and as such, each song on the album may mean something different for each of you. The individual songs are not intended to be a direct representation of each stage.
It is our hope that you will find something here for you, and to realize that we all at some point in our lives experience these feelings.

We are all in this together, you are not alone, you are not unimportant, you are not a failure.

Artist Page: www.mourningstone.com

CD Baby: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/mourningstone


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