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May 8, 2016 9:01 PM

I'm from Manchester, UK, I currently live in my camper / tour van, I'm about to head off travelling around Europe, read my review on chatsong before she head off. Click on the links and give votes or comments in the disqus below the review.

I'm from Manchester, UK, I currently live in my camper / tour van, I'm about to head off travelling around Europe - hopefully doing some gigs, street shows, lots of writing & videos..

I make music because.. Ahh, it's just something that has to be done! It's like therapy, self improvement, reflection, deep thinking.. Writing & playing, singing, helps it all make sense to me, and helps me connect with people more effectively than just rambling on in everyday conversation..



This is why she decides to make music, read my review about this singer songwriter.

The first song the guitar work is beautiful, then I heard her voice she touches me deep inside with her voice. What a beautiful sound comes out of her mouth, what am I glad to listen and review it, I have my mouth open from surprise, this is so intensely beautiful and am only at her first song. What a wonderful lyric that come out of her mouth, this is a super talented singer. I am now glad with this music platform started and have continued. This singer is now towards Netherlands, what would I like this singer get known for that time. I don't think it will succeed me but I will do my best. This is again a top artist musical and with her vocal voice, I am really touched inside so beautifully. Her voice is unique and delicious to listen, this is doing my chronic pain almost forgot. I Am here really intense enjoying her music, this talent should be played on every radio station, a record company. Of this singer I would go spend the night in front of a concert hall, to buy a ticket for her concert. The dance mix song together with a DJ delicious this is really my genre, This can be on the famous app i always listen digital radio it is vocal trance. My god this is an Angel from heaven, this is a message from god that I had to listen to this. Each note they sing touches you inside, it is incredibly beautiful. Buy her music, download and become a fan of her, at least I am a big fan.









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