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May 9, 2016 11:36 AM

T H E L A S T (Indie Rock band) THE LAST is a band founded in 2009 in the city of Toluca by Jaime Jesus Caballero Padilla from Toluca, State of Mexico (guitarist and vocalist) and Victor Antonio Lira Aguilar (bass and vocals) from Pachuca Hidalgo, later Madian Rodriguera Prado (guitarist and vocalist) from Toluca, State of Mexico and Manuel Buenrostro Valencia (drummer and vocalist) Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz, joined the band and this is the current lineup THE LAST. Read my review about this indie band on chatsong, listen to their songs and give comments and votes beneath this review.

The composition is written by the members and they produce themselves as well, the recording of their first  EP "LIVE IN LOVE" was performed in Landó and Reacktor studios. There have been several individual presentations and as a band in forums, broadcasters, bars and cultural presentations here we mention some of the highlights: • The Cavern Club (Jaime Caballero), Mathew Street 10 Liverpool England. • Rock League 2015, landó forum (4th place). • mexiquense Cultural Center (third place at the state level in the young pace contest 2015). • Radio mexiquense rock fusion (interview with Ruth Milca). • UNIRADIO (interview with Alonso Guzmán). • Radio with more (contextus Mexico with Jacqueline Leon) • Radio Cadena policy (interview with Arly García) • bicentennial Texcoco Auditorium (in coordination with Gruya Productions). • Explanade of Sports Palace (in collaboration with the State Government youth project in Mexico). • Square Gonzales Arratia (presentation in a cultural event in collaboration with art and culture of the city of Toluca.) • Toluca central park (presentation in a cultural event in cooperation with the city of toluca). • San Marcos Fair Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes (within the framework of the cultural events of the book fair). • Doberman Bar in Mexico City ( band meeting)





The first song begins with a merry melody, nice music sounds in the songs. The singer has a beautiful voice, the musical instrument are good to hear a good band for sure. Find the melodies in the songs very musical, its happy music it has something of the band ABBA. A male voice sings in another song. Who is also vocal nice to hear, much diversity in the songs also rock music plays the band. The number called live in love I found very nice with all those instrument and that male voice. This band is very musical and when they sing together in a song, it sounds also very nice. The instruments and vocals sounds in the songs are beautifully this is definitely a band that makes beautiful songs, also the lyrics are well written. It is good rock music here I would want to go and buy a ticket, if they were in Netherlands top entertainment. They have performed in some places, but this can be much more around the world. Or the male singer now sings or the female singer they are both vocal delicious to listen. These are artists who need to be listened to, for this they deserve though. The songs so far are very beautiful both vocal and instrumental. The song Lemon pie I find then again so cheerful and lovely to listen to, only this is no rock song both genres they play are beautiful. These are musicians from Mexico, and I hope this music platform will be shared, with this good music band on it. So they get more fame, more followers and get heard anywhere. That is what this unsigned musicians deserves, that is why I want to give them a place to grow and to be heard before they get lost in the crowd. Click on all the links below and become a fan of this indie band from Mexico.






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