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May 9, 2016 5:47 PM

Miami Rapper. 18. Hip Hop is life read my review on chatsong, listen to the songs and give comments and votes beneath this review.

I decided to make music  because it was my biggest passion, I found myself in it. No one could understand me the way writing lyrics did.  I found my calling in Hip Hop so I decided to start making songs. I do mostly everything on my own, and I'm really not that good on the production side... But I spit like no other!! Join my Empire! Join Variable in a journey of a lifetime!

I decided because it was my biggest passion


Above is the reason why he decided to make hip hop music, Read my review about his young musician from Miami. His lyrics are his escape, that he brings to us as listeners. Such as music is my escape from the life, is for this rapper the texts he wrote. Great lyrics with a message about daily life I have always liked that, love to listen this rapper tells quite a story. Delicious beats has this rapper, I find rappers always lovely to hear. I like to listen to his voice and his lyrics, on my music platform are already many rappers reviewed. This is just a genre I like to listen a lot. Because of the lyrics and the message they all want to share. Therefor I give this guy a place to grow in followers and downloads, to be heard by your visitors. Click on his music links below, I do not write a long review, because the attention has to go to the rapper. Share this music platform and you share this excellent Rapper on it. 








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