@cloverhill_rock twitter

@cloverhill_rock twitter

May 13, 2016 12:51 PM

British Classic Rock, fuelled with Southern Comfort on Ice, read my review about this musician on chatsong, click on the links and give votes or comments.

Classic Rock from the north of England with a splash of southern comfort on ICE. Preview the forthcoming album - "7 of One, 2 1/2 of the Other" on this SoundCloud now. The Cloverhill sound is inspired by the roots of classic rock. We produce our music with vintage amps and guitars. We always endevour to create a true sound, all valve all loud get ready to rock mo fo's. 


Above, your can read what Cloverhill is and what they do with music. They send me some songs, so I could review it, due the copyright I am not using them here. They makedelicious rock music, also good voice sounds. I am tapping the rhythm of the song, so much musicality is in the songs. There are a lot of musical instruments in the songs, it rocks. Just like in the old days of the rockandroll period, they let you relive those days. Beautiful guitar work in many songs, this is just super to listen to. All songs begin with a nice intro, it's a good rock band, find the voices amazing. I love it that they have used the classic melodies in the rock songs, here I can listen to all day, and I would absolutely buy a ticket from. This have to be broadcast worldwide, this is top quality rock music. Wow what am I impressed by the album they created, it Is not yet on their soundcloud. If you like this rock music, then you have to listen this rock band Cloverhill. Share this platform with this amazing rock band on it in every countries. They make lovely music, and they have to be known in the world.





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