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May 13, 2016 10:44 PM

I am a producer/ song writer / Rapper music is my life read my review about this musician and listen to his song, give comments and votes beneath this review.

Jack fell in love with all things hip hop at the age of six, after hearing JAY Z's Reasonable Doubt album. When he was eight he would spend hours on his DJ software, making track after track from the various loops it had to offer. He also started rapping at a young age but always behind closed doors. It was only after the death of his Nan that he decided to record some tracks and, once his confidence grew, he dropped his first single, Monster, online. The track has been well received, even high up in the hip hop world with Lupe Fiasco collaborator Bishop G saying he likes Jack's flow. In under a year his tracks have received over 2500 plays on Soundcloud. In the future he plans to do a Music Technology Level 3 course and then go on to study at university.

I started crafting  this project after releasing  my first single Monster. The basis of Monster is about anxiety and depression with which I suffer. Much of the feedback that I got from the release of that song was that people related to it and thus I decided it would be an idea to write about my story of coping with it.  My hope with this album is that I will help to show people that even in the darkest of times there is still light at the end even if its not bright to begin with. 


Above is a short biography which also can be read on its own website, then now my review on this producer/rapper. The lyrics are well written, with a message to the world, there is a rap from the song mad world, that find a nice mix. The song losing my mind on Youtube is a good number, you hear his accent in the song. It bothers me not in the rap songs, I llove his accent. He makes songs with  emotions and that he use in his rap and mixing. What I like to read the text above in the biography, there is always light at the end, coincidentally I recognize myself in him. This text I have written on my arm. I believe in you is a song which I really like, this is a motivation for anyone who recognizes himself in it. This guy can rap, like it with all these mixes there and the beats. Find it cool that he Raps and  he has my support, I hope yours to. I can not wait if he begins at the study what he wrote about, then he will become even better. Find his strength and perseverance, a beautiful property has gone through a lot. Help him with his dream, by sharing this platform with this rapper on it every country so that this rapper can fulfil his dream. Click on the links below and follow his updates on his website.







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