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@MarillynMusic twitter

May 14, 2016 6:38 PM

Hello, I am Marillyn. I represent all of the females in the industry and everything you've ever imagined them to be, but I am not anything you want them to be. I am Marillyn., read my review about this singer on chatsong and click on the links, give comments and votes beneath this review.

It all starts with an idea. Marillyn was started by a girl in Boston, MA who wanted the perfect image to represent her music. She wanted the listener to not only be brought into another world when listening to her music, but to have a leader in this world that she has created. Marillyn works to not only represent women in music, but equality among people. She wants to bring people together whether they be black, white, straight gay, male or female. In the past she started out with releasing a demo song and music video for her single What Has This World Come To. After that she continued with a Nicki Minaj cover of The Night is Still Young which has reach 4k+ views. The next opportunity she had was to do a video with Boston Conservatory dancers to her cover of Beyonce's Broken Hearted Girl in which has received 20k+ views. Now that she's working on her originals she plans on working with female producers and other great artists and promoting other female artists using her hashtag #womensupportingwomen. She is very excited to announce the release of her single Guilt Trip and can't wait to show the world what else she has to share.

Wow what a wonderful vocal voice, immediately get goose bumps. Super song what she has made, she also has another song out called What Has This World Come To. When I listened to the song, I heard a new future musician. Everything is perfect the melodies and her voice, this is top talent. There are a lot of famous singers, but this one is going to make it on that level. Well I want to go with this singer on a guilt trip, this is a singer that must be discovered, this is top quality. This singer must go viral, and I would love to help her with it. If you agree with me when you listened the song, then share this platform in any countries. Let them read this review, and let them click on links, especially the sound cloud link. This singer have to be heard anywhere, the song is just amazing. This song have to be heard by radio station and many countries. Your have to stay tuned, because I feel this singer shall be quickly rising or have a record deal. And she is going to make more songs, I am very excited to know when the songs are finished. Then I got an email back of this talented young singer, she has more songs made on her YouTube channel. Again wow what a beautiful voice she has, this is going to be a famous singer if it where up to me.

https://t.co/VunvVLe3VB SOUNDCLOUD

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe0hNjUaGnC69sMPlkjktjQ - YOUTUBE


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