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May 17, 2016 5:47 PM

Tyson Gee - Vox/Guitars Nathan Gee - Bass/Vox Dave White - Guitars/Keys Keith McGuigan - Drums/Percussion. This band is houseofamber, read my review here on chatsong and listen to their songs, give comments and votes beneath this review.

Old members/school friends from South Yorkshire bands nobody remembers called Leon and Krud got back together to make some big sounding epic rock with an indie/americana twist. Debut album Under Pale Stars is now available

This band is house of amber and one of the members write songs for other musicians .  (Dave - Guitarist) who writes music for other people. If you need that go to the homepage and contact them, now to my review of this band they are from Sheffield UK. First song begins already good, a little ambient the style of the song. The songs sound good with the voices and instruments, Love to listen to it. Every song begins with another intro, sounds very good this music. You can hear that they have much experience at playing the instruments, Very professional. Especially in the song called truth script, you can hear how well they can play instruments. These are top artists and it seems they have played for millions of people for years, so experienced in the songs and on the instruments. Find any song a pleasure to listen to, I have no negative comments. This music band earned to grow further and to be known around the world. Great music to listen to, and they have many songs. So if you like good music click on the link below and share this platform with these great musicians on it.




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