May 17, 2016 10:23 PM

Grant Maloy Smithâ„¢ is a singer/songwriter of American Roots music read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs, give comments and votes beneath this review.

Grant Maloy Smith™ is a singer/songwriter of American Roots music - a blend of old country, bluegrass, folk and Celtic influences into a uniquely American genre. His songs tell stories and paint pictures with words. Originally from Jacksonville Florida, Grant heard the strains of bluegrass from his Kentucky-born and raised Grandmother, and it got into his blood. His current album is the critically acclaimed Yellow Trailer, a collection of amazing songs that will take you on an invigorating ride through the fabled American south. His upcoming album is called Dust Bowl, and every song is set squarely in the Great Plains of the 1930's, during the worst economic and environmental disaster that America has ever seen.

Grant Maloy Smith is an American Roots Singer/Songwriter with a country bent. His songs tell heartfelt stories about real people, and are unfailingly optimistic and forward looking. His 2013 album YELLOW TRAILER earned rave reviews, including this one from the Aquarian “...Smith’s lyrical work is just as impressive from track to track, staying true to folk style storytelling in music while keeping it sounding fresh and enjoyable.” Grant is a member of the Recording Academy (the Grammys®), and is a BMI Recording artist. His upcoming album DUST BOWL is being released nationally and internationally in June 2016.







Above a short biography or this singer, which you can read on the website. Now to my review of this singer/songwriter. The songs are like the genre country, at least the first song looks on it. Beautiful texts that are written very apparent, also a beautiful voice I must admit. The music reminds me of songs in western movies, this is very special. The song old black roller I find super to listen to, very musically. I love the melodies in the songs, it touches me inside. This singer is already on age, but what a great artist. The songs are so beautiful with his voice, especially the high notes in his voice is wonderful. Also, I hear hoarseness in his voice, this is very beautiful and fits well to the songs. All his songs are a joy to listen, also get the feeling to dance on the rhythm of the music. This is a top musician and have to broadcast in any countries on the radio, because this is really special. I love this musician now amazing vocal sound and awesome lyrics. This is a top quality musician, share this platform so you will be sharing this amazing singer as well.




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