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@thetallpoppies twitter update

@thetallpoppies twitter update

Nov 28, 2017 10:30 AM

Tall Poppies are an eccentric indie-pop four piece fronted by identical twin sister songstresses Susan and Catherine on vocals, bass and guitar with Diarmuid Nugin alongside violinist Doug Fink - previously the drummer inĀ Noah and the Whale. Read my singles review on Chatsong, listen to their songs and give votes and comments underneath this review. To inform you I did write a review earlier about this duo, it was 2 years ago so I decided to renew it all. Because in two years a lot can happen, therefore this will be their new music review.



'High Time' EP was released in Autumn 2015 and they have been touring up and down the UK including numerous UK festivals such as 2000 trees, Hay on Wye, Ashford Create with repeat bookings at east London's cult vintage venue Paper Dress and an appearance at London Fashion Week. 
The 'Cat Got Your Tongue' single launch party was sold out at Dalston's Servant Jazz Quarters. 

Tall Poppies match neat, melodic indie pop with darker, creative notions. Perth twins Susan and Catherine spin tales of life from both sides of the planet alongside violinist Diarmuid and Doug Fink - previously the drummer in Noah and the Whale. The band bear similarities to Kate Bush and Camera Obscura, with influences including the likes of The SmithsDavid Bowie and Belle and Sebastian.  Working with London based producer Brian O'Shaughnessy  (produced Primal Scream's ‘Screamadellica’) as well as with Paul Tipler (Elastica, Idlewild, The Horrors, Stereolab), the new album 'Let's Go Out' will be out early 2018. 

Above you read their biography and their released album two years ago, they just released a new single " Now" from their new album which will be released in 2018 named " let's go out". Then now my album and single review from these indie artists, I will start with their album from 2015 working towards to their new single. 

I will start with " Freddy" it is the oldest song from the album " High time", it starts with a lovely acoustic guitar and then they both start to sing. They have both a lovely high octave, it is lovely indie pop in the production of the song are great melodic tunes used. It is a pleasure to listen to, they are talented in songwriting and bringing a lyric to their audience with their high and pure vocal sounds. 

Then we have the song " Tom" it has a lovely melodic intro with sounds that could easily be in soundtracks or used as movie theme very lovely done. I love their high vocals a lot and the way how they sing in their songs, it is almost done in a storytelling way and you have the feeling you are listening to a musical. 

Another song is " Don't leave" it has again a very melodic intro with lovely acoustic sounds, I really like their style and how they sing the songs. It makes you happy and joyful when you hear their beautiful vocals sing and tell the song. Another great recorded track, this is perfect for many festivals, clubs, and radio stations. both can reach incredible notes with their voices, and the violin sounds wonderful in this track. 

I am listening now to " Suzy" it has a more uptempo melody, the intro is lovely. Their strongest part and their brand as a duo are their enormously high octaves. I believe when you hear playing them live, you would become quiet when they play their amazing melodic indie pop and hearing their beautiful instruments and vocals. 

I am hearing their newest song from that album it is called " Heart Palpitations" it is a great melodic uptempo pop song, it has great lyrics and the way they sing it is so lovely.  Like I wrote before, it is unique because they bring the song with such a devotion. It is lovely to hear that back in most of all their songs, it is like you know a songbook very unique way of singing these songs. I find this female pop duo very talented in all they do, singing, writing and performing and the way of telling, singing the lyrics. 

So now I will be going to review their newest single " now" the intro is marvelous with the instrumental sounds like a violin and many others, and again such a lovely high vocals. This song is very good, and maybe one of my favorites till now from this pop duo it has more uptempo beats and it really swings. And by that their brand as a pop duo is hearable, telling and singing the lyrics to the world in a very special and amazing way. They send me a link to buy a ticket for their show, it is already sold out and no wonder this pop duo you just want to hear playing and singing live. I am excited about what more material they will be going to release on the album, I will keep an eye on this talented pop duo and their band members. I hope you do too, they sure need to be heard around the world, with their lovely indie melodic pop ballads and uptempo singles. Therefore share this review and their singles as much as you can and give votes and comments underneath this review. 


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