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May 18, 2016 3:02 PM

I am Geraldine Png, a singer & songwriter raised in Singapore and residing in Pasadena, CA. Read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs, give comments and votes beneath this review.

I am Geraldine Png, a singer & songwriter raised in Singapore and residing in Los Angeles.
Am a recovered alcoholic since 1999. A born again Christian in 2003 which Moonstone City album was conceptualized. I had narrated my personal journey in the songs starting with Moonstone City to Goodbye Moonstone plus additional songs whom certain individuals can identify and may help others start their personal journey by making that very important choice. That choice I made was about my soul salvation.
Individual tracks from Moonstone City can be found as well without narration for any airplay, etc.
There are other songs not affiliated to Moonstone City Album which are wonderful and hearty collaborations with composers and producers like Allen Sebastian whom I did Love Road or deejays like Brendon P. who kindly mixed Greed.
All Lyrics by Geraldine Png,
All Music arranged by Bert Lindsey
© 2014 Bert Lindsey & Geraldine Png
Eddie Sung from Singapore was the photographer who kindly assisted in shooting my photos.
Simon Ng of Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore assisted me in designing the CD cover for Moonstone City.
And am very appreciative to many who had assisted me when I needed assistance and support all these years ...It had been a journey.
Above is her biography what you can read on the links in the review, now to my review of this singer/songwriter. Her first song begins with a story at the beginning, then it goes to the song that she sings. This singer tells what she has experienced in her life. It's not bad music, and also not a bad voice. The lyrics are well described with a message to the world, the song everybody they think they are better than everybody else is nice with the dance tunes. It's actually a singing book because, she tells a story to introduce each song. In many songs you can hear her voice sound so much better, and then I find it beautiful to listen to. What I like is the introduction to the song, and only then comes the song itself, you don't always hear this very original. This singer has had many radio broadcasts, below are 2 URL links. The more songs you're going to listen to become more beautiful and diverse. This singer has really songs you do not hear every day, so share this platform in each country so that the world can hear how unique this singer is and the songs she made

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