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May 18, 2016 10:41 PM

AlchiMy Composers, Singers, Songwriters from Geneva read my review on chatsong and listen to the songs, give votes and comments beneath this review.

Our music is based on Folk Music first then Blues and Rock. What is musically important for us is to be transported by different musical. We create a fusion of these various musical styles which gives our own identity. We let our minds and souls to be sincerly touched by any kind of influences that we have found and loved along the way. The rhythm, the words as well as songs melodies are the main keys which defines us. We use vocal harmonies to allow to pass the feelings and the vibrations which are going to touch our Fan’s heart. We have just finished our first album that we have named : « Chercheur d’Or » In english : « Gold Digger » We have written, recorded, mixed ans mastered this all full 12 songs Album during the year 2015 in the Great Recording Studio : La Buissonne in Pernes Les Fontaines PACA Area South of France with the collaboration of the very tallented Romain Castera drummer and musical arangements in our album as well as recording and mixing the all full album and with the collaboration of Nicolas from also the studio La Buissonne A genius people called : The Gandalf of the Mastering ! This album has 10 songs in fFrench and 2 songs in English. Since the Mai 2015, we have started the process of our second Album creation ! This second Album In english languadge will recorded from July 2016 to July 2017 in 2 sessions in the Great Minneapolis – USA F5SoundHouse.com Recorded Studio with the musical arrangements and musical guitar partacipation of Owen Sartori. We are so Happy and we cannot wait to start this Collaboration ! The reason why we are writing songs in those 2 languages, is because we are part of the generation that was listening english and french songs since the begining. We do love to write in those 2 langages



Above you can read the biography, now to my review of this music band. The first song starts lovely beautiful acoustic, and the language they sing in is french. This is a language i really love but do not speak or write. The vocal voices sound good together in the song, there is a lot of rhythm in the songs. I am tapping with my fingers on the note of the tones. Find the instruments really beautiful in the songs, what a top musician are this again. They sing very nicely together, this is really quality musicality in the songs. Wonderful to listen to this it is a spectacle if you hear this with headphones on. What do these musicians have a beautiful vocal sound, all songs are delicious. The lyrics are well written, they already have a lot of reviews and interviews, and understand that, they are just fantastic musician. This musician deserves a wider audience in other countries and more broadcasting, they have to be known worldwide. That is why you need to share this chat song platform around the world, so they will be heard worldwide. If you want to know how fantastic they are, click on the links below






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