May 28, 2016 9:52 PM

Rock and roll band from Gorizia, Italia, read my review on chatsong and click on the links to hear their music and give votes and comments beneath this review,

AMERICAN description: Group PIKAPOLONICA (Ladybug) are four guys, two members coming from Slovenia, two from Italy (Italian Brda - Collio).
We swear on writing our own lyrics, music and arrangements. July 2014 was released first album STIMULATION OF LOVE, which has 12 new original songs. We swear to facilitate rock music with a touch of blues, pop and folk. Besides the loud guitar riffs you can also hear in our songs harmonica and beautiful soft pop ballads. We swear on love, peace, good will and equality for all. Our concerts are full of surprises for the audience and the dancers because every time we are otherwise prepared and on stage is everytime different scene. For our visual listeners take care to coerografy on the stage. You can listen to us on the bigger stages, festivals, concerts, we find ourselves even in small cafes or in private cellars. We have quite a lot of fan support and fans mainly from Italy and Slovenia, who like to listen to our music. Sex and love for every one!

We are currently in the creation of new songs, for second ablum. We are working on double album some of which are english and italian language (blues, rock), the second is in Slovenian language (pop, rock, folk)


Above you can read also on the website of this multilingual music band, then now my review of these musicians. The first song I listened rocks immediately a lot of instruments are in it, then I hear a foreign language what is cool to hear as a Dutch man. The songs they have made, very musical. Their new song I find amazing to listen called working in the vineyard, again amazing instruments. Very good quality music and despite the foreign language while singing the songs it is still amazing, the whole albums of this Italian/Slovenia band. This has to go viral, all the songs are amazing. I am now a big fan of these musicians. Therefor, share this review with these amazing musically band on it. To every # on twitter so they will be known more, because they are good. 








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