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Jun 2, 2016 5:44 PM

Abstract lines, furious phrases, sometimes shrill and euphoric, sometimes cryptic and dark - the interface of the band mozaik is Jazz. Influences come from Soul, Hip Hop, rock and fusion. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give comments and votes beneath this review

mozaik are: Anna-Lucia Rupp (voc), Georg Wiede (sax), Jannik Kerkhof (drums), Mikolaj Suchanek (piano) and Jonas Mielke (bass).
They met in 2014 by studying at the Academy of Music in Dresden.
Opens up alone by the occupation numerous possibilities for arrangements, yet the band is committed mainly to danceable. In addition to original songs by Jonas Mielke and Anna-Lucia Rupp, mozaik also play cover versions of eg Hiatus Kaiyote or Esperanza Spalding. These young musicians have inspired them for their own songs.
The other musical influences of the band members are deeply rooted in the history of music and could hardly be more different - Classic, Beatles, the early Genesis. Despite these differences, the sextet has quickly found each other and they are trying to find their own typical sound.

Songs originate from miniatures, organic keyboard sounds become jazzy located sound surfaces which combine with explosive drumming, accentuated bass and vibrant brass and vocal melodies .




Above you can read their biography and what mozaik stand for, then now my review about this band from Germany. The band exist of 5 members, just for information they told me. Because on the picture you see 6 people, so I added what they told me. The intro of the first song is wonderful, delicious that jazz in the music. The lead singer of the band has a super nice voice where you can listen to hours, she hits with her voice my heart. This is world classes musicality and vocals, her voice is so amazing the melodies in the songs makes it outstanding. These musicians belong in the category best jazz band 2016 and they are undiscovered talent. This is high quality music and the voice of this singer I can not stop listening too, these musicians from Germany deserves to be heard worldwide and be broadcast around the world. Wow amazing all the songs, they have soon a busy schedule if it were up to me. Such as a world tour with groupies and i am one of them. Therefore, share this review to anyone with access to internet. And if you are in love with this band, give comments and vote on this band in the widgetpack  below in the page, your can do that by logging in with twitter or Facebook and soundcloud as well. 


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