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Jun 3, 2016 5:45 PM

Atlas: At Last is an indie music project out of Indianapolis that is not afraid to push the boundaries of the genre. The debut EP ' The Flat Earth' is out 6/1. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and vote on the music. Give comments beneath this review he would appreciate it

In the headline you see a short description about the singer/songwriter, now my review. The first song begins with nice melodies, well written lyrics. This singer also has a hoarseness in his voice, his voice is in the low beautifully. The song You owe me one that I find vocally great, lovely beats in the song. The lyrics of the songs are really beautiful and when he sings it, he makes it more interested to keep listening. In fact, I find his last songs all sound good, this singer can certainly sing only i find  his voice vocal stronger in low than when he sings higher. But in the older songs on sound cloud he sings than the whole songs amazing vocally. Till now all the songs i have enjoyed listening to, he can sing and has to be heard worldwide. This singer I like his musically and diversity in the songs he has made, so yes this singer earned a spotlight on Chat song to grow and be heard, and shared and Listened. 




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