“We met through a mutual friend.” Mikiros reflects.  

“It was crazy, we were jamming together and there was instant chemistry—we spoke the same language.”


We make music that makes you cry and smile at the same time because life tends to be that way. 




Above you can also read on their website, then now my review about these musicians. What a bold step to move from another country to another for your dream and passion. The first song I listened to her voice touched me right away, what a wonderful vocal voice. In the song they both sing amazing vocally, and the melodies are perfect. It gives me goose bumps when they both sing, wow what a vocal sound. It hits you deep into your soul, this is top quality musically. What a talented vocally singers, These songs I would listen to all day, my god I am completely in shock by how good these musicians are. The lyrics are beautiful written and when they sing it, you want to listen to every words and sentences coming out of their throat  These musicians are born with a gift and that's making music, and have soul in their body that you can hear in the songs and voices. These musicians earned to be heard worldwide, and to be shared around the world. They certainly belong in the music charts worldwide, therefore share this review with these amazing musician on it.