@thecondriacs twitter

@thecondriacs twitter

Jun 6, 2016 10:17 PM

The Condriacs are Peter Spicer & Tony Slaven. A songwriting duo from Essex. Happy to perform acoustic sets and write for other Artists. Read my review on chatsong and click on the links, vote and give comments beneath this review.

We are a songwriting duo from Essex. Currently recording our debut album. That a short description they gave me, now to my review of this duo. This duo not only sings but also makes beautiful poems, I find the hoarseness in his voice so wonderful to listen to, was straight away a fan when I listened earlier to the songs. The lyrics are again well described, powerful and poetic. The songs that I have heard so far are all wonderful, what a beautiful song duo. This is what I call talented singers that need to have a place to be heard, found and discovered. These musicians are vocally strong and play the instruments wonderful. I am really blowing away with the vocal power the singer has. I get goosebumps with all the songs they have made, there are some demos. But when you hear it you are all sold. This duo is amazing to listen, and I can listen to their voices all day. This should really listened everywhere in each country, this needs to go viral on internet. Therefore, click on the links and share this review around. And it proofs once again age does not really matter when you have the music in your soul, it will be heard someday by the right persons.  




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