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@The1Shez twitter

Jun 8, 2016 4:34 PM

Melodic, political, groove rock from the bowels of deepest darkest South Yorkshire read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give comments or votes beneath this review.

We are a one piece melodic, political, groove, rock band from the bowels of deepest
darkest South Yorkshire, England (Sheffield to be precise) formed in April 2015. All
instruments are played by the Shez, our debut album was recorded solely on an Ipad
(2nd gen) and can be downloaded for free via soundcloud. The Shez has been in
bands since the age of thirteen and has played in excess of 100 gigs up and down the
United Kingdom. Our sound has been described as the love child of Rage Against the
Machine, Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, Black County Communion and Nirvana

Above you can read his biography, then now my review about this (groove) rock band.

The first song begins with many musical instrument, then you hear noise rock. Grunge and noise rock you need to love it has vanished away from the music industry. I think this band can bring it back again in this world, more and more starts this genre to come back in the music world. I Find the songs musical wonderful to listen to, different types of instruments in it. A song was slightly too loud for my ears, it was not bad at all  only metal is not my thing. The rock songs I prefer they are excellent, lovely to listen. This is delicious on a rock festival live and there a lot of it, so make sure this is going to happen by sharing this review as much as possible with this rock artists on it.



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