@AlexRobertsMus twitter

@AlexRobertsMus twitter

Jun 9, 2016 10:14 PM

Hi, I am Alex Roberts a singer songwriter. My album Slack Magic will be released 7/6/16 Come along and see me at the Isle of Wight Festival 2016. Go easy. Read my review about him on chatsong and click on the links, give comments or votes beneath this review.

The tradition of the troubadour resonates through Alex Roberts‟ craft. With roots in European folk and blues, Alex‟s songs traverse the branches between them. They are the fruition of a continuing exploration of traditional and contemporary folk culture, and an off-grid lifestyle. They ride on the back of his highly acclaimed finger-style guitar and bouzouki, and award winning lap-slide playing. Alex is an artist who represents the finest aspects of the songwriter‟s craft. This artistry is perfectly captured on his latest album, voted in the top 10 albums of 2015 by UK Folk Radio:


You can read all his biography on his own website, now my review about this singer songwriter. The first song what I received already starts with beautiful guitar work,  and then that voice it touches me deep inside.He  Has a vibration in his voice and I like that , great lyrics well writen especially when he sings it. I am tapping on the beats on the moment wonderful melodies in the songs, all the songs have a wonderful tune. All his songs i received are amazing, this is a born musician. You can hear the rhythm in his guitar work and in the voice, he has a  perfect timing in each song, lovely this music. I am now a big fan of this good vocal singer songwriter, I hope you all will be to when you hear his songs. Therefore, share this review with this amazing musician on it. This musician has to be heard around the world, this is a top musician a real talented musician. And I love he plays multiple instruments, Wow what beautiful to review this singer.





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