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@defrancomusic #EDM #musiclicensing #LABEL #musicnews

@defrancomusic #EDM #musiclicensing #LABEL #musicnews

Jun 10, 2016 9:24 PM

I’ve made music since a young age and played and toured with bands until I decided I wanted to do my own music, my own way. Then De-Franco was born! Electronic all the way. Read my review on chatsong click on the links and give comments and votes beneath this review

Composer, musician and producer, De-Franco has been experimenting with electronica since he finished touring with his last band Bellicose , an Australian post grunge indie pop outfit at the forefront of loops and samples in rock, ala Garbage and Rogue Traders. 

Prior to Bellicose, De-Franco played in several other bands where he developed a passion for drum machines, synths and midi, and was always first to bring technology and toys to the table when writing, recording and performing. He was certainly not shy of a click track, back in the day when it wasn’t cool and drummers wearing headphones on stage was anathema. Now? The bigger the cans the better!


Above you can read it all on his website, then now my review about this electronic musician. This is a genre I like to listen electronic music mostly with vocals in it, it's a genre whereby I can relax inside. He has just started with this genre, but the first song is full off beautifully melodies and beat. You have a lot genres in this electronic genre, its ti much to name them. I am really happy to review this genre of music, and what is he good. This DJ has a perfect timing and is good in mastering of beats, It is amazing how good he is. This is really good music, I am dancing on the beats in the songs, wow a mix called I wanna see the sunlight is with a beautiful vocal voice  in it. It could be in the digitally radio app I listen when I go away, it's a famous app around the world. These songs are that good mixed, he certainly has talent in that field. Really this need to be heard around the world, he should  be in every podcast or radio show there is in this world. Each track I have listened is good mastered and have  lovely melodies in the tracks. This is a good electronic musician and I am glad he has started to do this kind of genre, this man is born for this kind of music. This musician  deserved to be known more in each countries with his music, therefore share this review around and give votes and comments below this review.




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