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@neil908UK twitter

Jun 11, 2016 7:08 PM

This singer-songwriter I have reviewed earlier, but he has made new songs. Therefore, I review this singer again. Click on the links and give comments beneath this review.

"Neil lives in Scotland, UK, and has been writing music since he was a teenager. Inspired by a multitude of artists including OMD. The Human League, Tears for Fears and Prince, Neil's main roots are firmly embedded in the synth pop sound of the 1980s. Releasing music on his own label NERO Music, Neil is currently working on album called BACK TO THE FUTURE, which is scheduled for release towards the end of this year. As a taster for this album, Neil has released three singles - PASSING THOUGHTS, DISCOTHEQUE & his brand new release DO IT ALL AGAIN, and these songs are available from Amazon, iTunes & Google Play


Above you can read his biography and on his Facebook page you can see more about this singer, then now my review about this kind singer. The first song is with beautiful melodies, His voice is beautiful in the high and in the low. In the video he has made, he has used material from relatives, He even asks me to send a video to him to be used in the video. I was to shy to send it, I would love to be around him when he has a live show in my city. The song made me happy when I hear the tunes, it is a joyful song. Only I know more details about some songs, and then it is sad at the same time. What I like is he stays positive in put his emotions in the songs. This musician also makes ambient music also very beautiful to listen, a lot of nice melodies again in the song. This musician has various songs different styles, and that I always find very cool. Then you can notice he can more than just one thing, each song is very beautiful with a nice intro full of melodies in the songs. I love the synthesizer in the songs, and the tunes are so joyful. This is a good musician musically and electronic, this need to be heard around the world. Therefore, share this review and click give comments and votes below this review.






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