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@Eyemouthmusic twitter

Jun 11, 2016 9:21 PM

Eyemouth is from Gothenburg, Sweden, and have several members from the electro/synthband Estrange. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give votes or comments beneath this review.

We released four EP’s in 2015, Black and Blue Latitudes, Non Compos Mentis,
Noera Genesis and our most recent The Flood. Our music has its foundation in
electronica, but added with mellotron and more organic elements like santur and
accordion and so on. Both music and lyrics can be said to have dark undertones that
may provide a deeper understanding about the different aspects of life.
Most of us played earlier in another band called Estrange, but back in 2010 we found
ourselves so far from our earlier sound that we actually had become a different band.
And we became Eyemouth.

Above is their biography you can all read it on the website, now my review about this electro/synthband from Sweden. The first song begins with beautiful nature sounds and rhythms, and then they humming together. The vocal voice is the male singer is beautiful in the low, and then background sounds really a spectacle to your ears. This kind of music you could listen in a movie or television series, the tunes and melodies they use are amazing. The song called Come this far is very awesome to listen, great lyrics well written. All song has a lovely nice tune intro and each song is different, I like this music very much. It keeps you listened when you press on play and you hear the amazing tunes, some songs have indeed dark undertones but I love it. I Am very attentively listening to the songs so cool they have made it. This have to be heard worldwide on each radio show each podcast each countries have to know these musicians. Therefore, share this review and vote in the disqus below the review.






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