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@cityoflightsuk #musicnews #IndieMusicBlast #MusicHourUK #muziek

@cityoflightsuk #musicnews #IndieMusicBlast #MusicHourUK #muziek

Jun 12, 2016 7:31 PM

Band members are Matt - guitar/vox, Ash - bass/vox, Alex - lead guitar, Ben - Drums. We call our style Acoustic-driven pop rock, read my review on chatsong. Click on the links and give votes or comments, beneath this review.

Although City Of Lights are based in Leeds, the original seeds of the band were formed in Paris in April 2011, when Matt Dunwell (acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals), inspired by the ever-present swirl of possibility floating throughout the French capital, decided to form a band. Collaborating with long-time song-writing conspirator Sean Howey (Drums & Backing Vocals), the two formed City of Lights in the aim to create their own brand of honest rock-pop that would ignite and engage. When the duo pulled in Sean’s brother Ashley to play bass and handle backing vocals, the enterprising crew undertook over a year’s worth of rigorous rehearsals and shows throughout the UK to help shape their sound. In order to further complete the line-up, they drafted lead guitarist Alex Humphreys into the fold, and City of Lights became the four-piece it is now, a band that have fine-tuned their sound to remarkable proportions and are prised for laudable notoriety.


Above you can read also on their website, then now my review about these musicians. The first begins whit beautiful tunes and instruments, then the voices in the songs lovely to hear. The lyrics are well written, great to hear it when they sing it. This is lovely rock music, it is a pleasure to listen. These musicians make amazing songs, this could be the next rock boy band, they sing perfectly good together. Think that when the world knows that these musicians exist that they have within a quick time lots of groupies. And i am one of them, this is outstanding music. This is music you want to listen all day, all the songs are amazing. The song called don't give up is amazing, It touches you inside. This is top quality musically and they play the instruments very good. I love these musicians they are very good, this could be a massive hit song soon. And I will do all I can to get them heard, broadcast and be known in this world. What lovely to reviews this soon famous rock band, I have a feeling that they going to break trough soon as artist. I am excited to share this review, with these musicians on it to the world. You can help me if you read this, share this as much as you can around the world.





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