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Jun 13, 2016 5:14 PM

We are...Proponents of an Art form through the Medium of Sound, Silence and Electronics. We are not Solely...A Rock 'n' Roll Band. We Play for Keeps. Read my review on chatsong, click on the links and give votes or comments beneath this review.

Fiction Peaks began in 2013. After playing some shows in their hometown of Dublin
and around the country they began to refine their sound.
The band's sound is said to be a mixture of alternative rock with indie pop elements
and an electronic 80's feel with effects boxes, drum machines, synthesizers and
backing vocals. They also incorporate string embellishments and spoken word on some
tracks and live performances. The band are intent on continually evolving whilst still keeping true to a somewhat punkrock ethic and traditional songwriting.
They release their debut EP in early 2015 with a full LP planned for 2016.


Above you can read the biography of this alternative rockband, then now my review. 

The first song begins with a beautiful acoustic guitar and beautiful tunes in it, then comes a voice beautiful which hoarseness in it. If they sing together it sounds also very nice, beautiful musicality in the first song already. The lyrics are also beautiful to listen when they sing it, well written lyrics. These musicians are very musical and can play the instruments very good, you can hear that they have experiences on playing the instruments. This music gives me goosebumps especially the song called Springs in bloom beautiful violins in it. This is again top quality music, the vocals and the instruments in the songs makes it outstanding to listen. I think I have discovered a new music band that is soon  going to be known around the world. Each song they have made is amazing to listen, they are really good. The song called Document Dissent touches me inside, lovely music I can hear this all day. This is a band that need to be heard, they play amazing songs. Therefore, share this review with this outstanding future legends in the music industry and in the world.





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